Evren Cubukcu


Time Stands Still Here




38° 38' 23.2548" N 34° 50' 47.9148" E

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Time stands still here.

Standing here, looking at the scenery... the rocks.

Were they always here?

They are young, these layers of natural rock art.
They are young, 10 Million years old, the eldest one. 
They are young, compared to the age of earth: 4.5 billions
They are just the ashes from erupting rage of molten earth.
Covering the land in every million years.
Layer by layer.

And eroded...
Canyons with hundreds of meters of depths
Fairy chimneys, gorges and caves.
Caves of past life, the previous ones..
They left their caves
To us.
And we too.
To our sons.

But, time is endless
not rocks.

Mother nature will always reshape itself.
Only time will be there